Trail Etiquette

The Kichi Sibi Winter Trail is a multi-use Winter Trail and pathway. Anyone is  welcome to use it for human powered winter based travel.

Be considerate of other users travelling slower than you.  We are all using this trail to get out, enjoy winter, experience the beauty of the Ottawa River, and get some exercise. 

Please be respectful of the classic tracks and do not walk,  cycle, or ski skate on them. There is lots of room elsewhere on the track and therefore no need to damage this section of the trail.

As the Kichi Sibi Winter Trail accommodates a number of winter activities, please consider the many other sports facilities in the Ottawa/Gatineau area if you are looking for a specialized winter trail experience.

Fat tire bikes are recommended if you want to cycle on the Kichi Sibi Winter Trail. If you are finding your tire tracks are sinking deep into the snow, consider taking the roads to preserve the trail for the benefit of others.

As for dogs, the NCC dog policy applies.

Basic rule: be kind, courteous and considerate to others. And above all smile!!