Opportunities to Join our Team!
Non-Board Positions
1. Event Organizer – needed for the fall 2024 fundraising event. All fund-raising ideas are welcome! Will work alongside the Board and venue staff.
2.  Sponsorship Coordinator – relationship management with our business sponsors, majority of whom are local.
Board Positions
A.  Treasurer – processes expenses, payroll for one employee from September to May annually. Familiarity with Quicken is required.
B. Secretary – documents Board meetings on shared Google docs. Organizes and attends monthly meetings. These are paused during the summer.
C. Legal Advisor – we have land agreements with the NCC and the City of Ottawa. Familiarity with issues that may arise from these agreements is highly desirable.

Our Sponsors

As the trail is a community project, business sponsorships are counted on to provide an important source of funding and engagement for the trail. These sponsors typically fund a third of our annual expenses.  Individual donations and public funding (City of Ottawa and the NCC), cover the other two thirds of the costs of running the winter trail.

Please welcome this year’s sponsors and consider supporting their businesses whenever you can. 

Our Partners

The trail would not be possible without the participation of our partners. The land on which the trail runs is managed by the National Capital Commission and we require their permission, funding and support in land management. The City of Ottawa provides mentorship and public funding.